You Are So Naive

Eunsil Leem

Spring Street Studios | TANK Space 

October 4, 2019 - January 4, 2020

You Are So Naive is an exhibition of Eunsil Leem's current body of work that explores everyday communications that are associated with politics. Even though some people think that politics is something far from ordinary people, it is just a reflection of everyday life. Politics is how we represent our will and subconscious as a group.The purpose of this research is to acknowledge our difficulties maintaining an objective view.

Furthermore, she questions if being objective should be the highest value in life. She is interested in the way that people portray personal desire through gestures and implications in the public realm, which influences our subconscious beliefs and biases without being aware of them. You Are So Naive is the beginning of a new body of work that explores gestures as a symbol, crossing between politics and everyday life.


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