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Diane Gelman: DELICIOUS!

Featuring fifty artworks by Diane Gelman, DELICIOUS! will showcase food in many exciting Paintings, Sculptures and Mixed Media artworks. DELICIOUS! will offer something to delight every taste and for every discriminating palate to enjoy! 

Food, a subject of universal appeal, is a basic human necessity.  Its significance transcends beyond just mere sustenance.  Food maps who we are and where we have come from.  The taste or smell of food evokes emotional response universally across all nationalities and cultures. Food is integral to our lives, relationships, communities and memories. It is a symbol of hospitality, social status, and is a source of joy and celebration.  We all connect with food. Some of us grow it, some of us buy it, but we all eat food.  Food is the crux of social interaction and communal connectivity.  We all connect with food through breaking bread with others, sharing holiday meals, on dates, business lunches, and more.  Food is a recurring subject in art, reflecting its fundamental role in our lives.

DELICIOUS! will be a Celebration of Food through the exciting artwork of mixed media artist, Diane Gelman.  Diane Gelman received a Certificate of Fine Arts in Painting from The Glassell School of Art in 2012.  Diane earned a master’s degree in Food and Nutrition from the University of Cincinnati and is also a Licensed, Registered Dietitian.