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Our Story

Sawyer Yards is one of the largest creative communities in the nation.

Three minutes from downtown Houston, an inconspicuous old rail yard has been slowly transforming into an internationally recognized community of art makers and art lovers. Former warehouses and industrial spaces now house hundreds of working artists, art galleries, loft offices, and creative businesses.

Punctuated by craft breweries, unique fitness concepts, fine dining, and entertainment venues, this exceptional creative hub boasts an active schedule of public events, monthly markets, and fine art exhibitions.

From the Start, Our Focus Was on Creativity.

The distinctive environment of Sawyer Yards plays up the neighborhood’s eclectic and industrial past and moves it forward with the energy of today’s artists, makers, and innovators.

To enhance its position as a bustling entertainment spot that attracts people and encourages them to linger, Sawyer Yards continues to add artisanal eating, drinking, retail, and recreational opportunities for tenants and visitors.

Our vision is to provide the setting and the resources for creatives and visionaries to prosper in this art-rich city. Our goal is to foster collaboration between artists and innovators. We are about adding value to Houston’s art scene by developing, supporting, and promoting art-related events, cultural programming, and markets. All these initiatives are bolstered by our strong affiliation with local arts organizations.

We are Houston’s creative heart.

Sawyer Yards Partners

The Deal Company
Lovett Commercial
Western General

The Deal Company, Lovett Commercial, and Western General