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The Healing Power of Color

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The Healing Power of Color celebrates the use of color by the artists at Spring Street Studios to bring about feelings of positivity and well-being. Many believe that art is an inspirational and powerful catalyst for healing individuals, and society at large.  Since art can have a profound influence on our mental and emotional state, it can bring positive change to the world.

Color can soothe our frazzled nerves, as well as motivate and empower us. Scientific studies have proven the healing influence of color and how it affects our behavior, moods, and thoughts. Medical facilities are purchasing art and consider color to be an important factor in the healing process because it has a positive effect on patients, visitors, and staff. The absence of color also has a huge impact on how we feel, and when employed in art, it can create a different mental space. Black and white images can be strategically placed amidst the colorful array, creating a visual pause and allowing for reflection. The stark contrast emphasizes the power of simplicity and encourages viewers to delve deeper.

Featured Artists: 

Becky O’Neal #212, Bob Lytle #240, Cheri Randolph #121, Constance Braden #207, Eileen Figueroa #135, Eve Leonard #120, Gabriyela Ayarzagoitia #135, Gary Griffin #214, Holland Geibel #214, Jennifer Martin #110, John Bellian Suite 100, Lenie Caston-Miller #113, Leonor Ratliff #106, Lou Vest #223, Meribeth Privett #114, Mona Ghazi #111, Nena Marsh #120, Pavlina Vagioni #131, Sonia Davis #105, Soody Sharifi #226, Stacey Manela #210, Syd Moen #130, Terry Halsey #217, Zack Murray #209, Michael Lesher #113

Featured Artwork: Eileen Figueroa, Dancing Salsa