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The Healing Power of Color

The Healing Power of Color invites the viewer to experience Spring Street Studio artists’ use of color to bring about feelings of positivity and well-being.  Many believe that art is an inspirational and powerful catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment.  Since art can have a profound influence on our mental and emotional state, it has the power to bring positive change to the world. 

Color has the ability to soothe our frazzled nerves, as well as to motivate and empower us. Scientific studies have proven the healing influence of color and how it affects our behavior, moods, and thoughts. Medical facilities are purchasing art and consider color to be an important factor in the healing
process because it has a positive effect on patients, staff and visitors. Black and white images can be strategically placed amidst the colorful array, creating a visual pause for reflection. The stark contrast emphasizes the power of simplicity and encourages viewers to delve deeper into their own emotions.

Discover how the participating artists use color and their heightened imaginations to foster feelings of well-being, joy, calmness and introspection.   Not only color, but also the absence of it, has a huge impact
on how we feel, and when featured in art, it can bring a breath of fresh air or meditative pause into a room to uplift and inspire the viewers. Join us in celebrating the transformative journey that awaits in this immersive use of color in art.

Featured Artwork: Eileen Figueroa, Dancing Salsa