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On view: April 30th - July 30

Reception: April 30th, 5-9pm

Level 2: Winter Street Studios


Experience Winter Street artists’ latest works in a way that details the imagery of emerging from the emergency that will never end.

That, and the new world they hope to cultivate as we reconnect with our biosphere. The artists of Winter St. share what has blossomed and lessons learned since the start of this tumultuous period. 

Curated by Vincent Fink, John Paul Hartman, & Julie Villarreal


Exhibiting Artists:

Taft McWhorter, Cary Reeder, Micah Simmons, Sandi Bryant, Erika Alonso, Vincent Fink, Salli Babbitt, JP Hartman, Rhonda Lanclos, Marie Casamayor-Harvey, Lisa Morales, Lucy Caire, Julie Villarreal, Stacy Gresell, Cliff Gillock, Suzie Gillock, Kenneth Halvorsen, Emily Dingmann, Teresa Staley, Sheila Leatherwood, Dana Cargile, Denise Elliott Jones, Jerrie Powell, Lenore Prudhomme, Angela Walling, Michelle Collins, Olga Porter, Knittingbuddha Studio, Rikki Mitman, Brenda Bunten-Schloesser, Vicki Zahand


Featured artwork (detail): Cascading, by Brenda J Bunten-Schloesser