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Ray Dunlap: Diary of an Abductee

Sawyer Yards presents Diary of an Abducteea solo exhibition of new artworks by Houston artist, Ray Dunlap. The exhibition will take place in the East Corridor Gallery (ECG) at Sabine Street Studios. There will be a public reception for the artist on Thursday, August 10, from 6-8pm in the gallery.   

Ray Dunlap is an artist that lives with real mental experiences. Diary of an Abductee explores the line between dreams and imagination vs. reality. Through Dunlap’s dreams, he lives a vivid experience of being abducted by the Seventh Hall of Heaven. When he awakes, he is compelled to document his experience. The diary is a form of storytelling. It is a coping mechanism adjusting imagination to reality. The dreams are so intense that the REM frequencies are expressed through drawings. Follow his artwork journey on Instagram (@dunlapian).

Dunlap has been making artwork for over thirty years. Born in Palestine, Texas in 1972, he later spent eighteen years living and working in Japan and Guam. He works with acrylic, clay, and wood, and takes a lot of inspiration from folklore.  As part of the ECG solo exhibition, Ray will also be instructing a live art modeling class on Thursday, August 17 from 6-8pm at Sabine Street Studios (1907 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007). It is FREE to the public and we welcome all people of different art backgrounds, including those who do not have drawing experience.