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Technological Reverie: Unveiling Utopia

Technological Reverie: Unveiling Utopia invites viewers on a captivating journey that explores
the delicate balance between technology and the yearning for a tech-free utopia. This visionary
exhibition delves into the realm of an enchanting world where technology serves as a catalyst
for storytelling and the eventual emergence of a harmonious, technology-free existence.
Through a curated collection of artworks, the exhibition weaves together the possibilities of
technology's assistance in manifesting a utopia and the narrative threads that guide us toward
a serene and authentic way of life.

Curated by Megan Olivia Ebel

Image: Alfonso Bonilla, Way to Lyceum, courtesy of Serrano Gallery

Participating Artists: Kenneth Halvorsen, Mark Hellinger, Oaxaca Serrano Gallery, Rachelle LeBlanc, Mariana Sammartino, Serrano Gallery, Tania Botelho, Gabriela Monterroso, Lenice Colangelo, Katya Du Pond, Melody Locke, Bogdan Mihai, Kristine Schneider, Adam Land, Kymn Harrison, Andy Gonzalez, Miller Quevedo, Valentina Atkinson, Clovis Postali, Vicki Hessemer, Deborah Ellington, John Bishop, Danyelle Lakin, Jenny Guarino, Angela Corson, Rodrigo Aguilera, Angela Fabbri, Katherine Mason, Lynda Chadbourne, Chu Okoli, Alessandra Albin, Valentina Kisseleva, Ellen Ray, April Murphy, and Ammar Alobaidi