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The World Within: Close Your Eyes in Order to See

Silver Street Studios is pleased to announce The World Within: Close Your Eyes to See, a solo exhibition of recent works by resident artist Karuna Leach. 

“The World Within is inspired by my meditation time.  The deeper I go within myself, shutting off the external world and awakening my internal world, the more Love, Joy and Peace I discover to illuminate my reality. This series is my attempt to bring my in(sight) out for others to see.” – Karuna Leach.

The black background depicts the void or etheric space that is existent without and within but unseen in form.  The metallic and crystalline colors, which exist within the earth, are combined with the etheric background to symbolize the convergence of heaven and earth.  99.9999999 of an atom is empty space, yet identification with form is the natural tendency apart from a conscious awareness otherwise.  The patterns drawn depict the frequencies and vibratory nature of all things, even the seemingly empty space seeking to draw the viewer in to the depths which exist beyond the natural eye.  The expanse is limitless, the depths unfathomable, and all potentiality exists all at once to behold.