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Katya Du Pond: Dance Through Life

Dance through Life presents a captivating body of work that explores the profound connection between life and dance. Katya Du Pond masterfully captures the essence of this confluence, taking viewers on an emotional journey through the three fundamental steps of a twirl and various dance poses. 

Through a harmonious fusion of acrylic on canvas and mixed media elements, Du Pond engages viewers with color and motion, inviting them to reflect on their own life experiences and find inspiration in the beauty, resilience, and transformative power of the dance. 

Katya Du Pond was born in Mexico City. From a very young age she showed interest in the arts, and as a teenager she took painting courses that led to her artistic awakening. Her artistic sensibility was formed by her time at the University of Quer√©taro, where she studied Visual Arts, and later at the Art Institute of Houston studying Interior Design. These experiences expanded her passion for color and texture, and the vision of conveying a deep message.