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Ruby Fear: Recordari

Artist Ruby Fear's Recordari delves into the profound essence of memory and its ability to transport us back to cherished moments that have left indelible imprints in our hearts, souls, and minds. Inspired by Eduardo Galeano's book El Libro de los Abrazos (The Book of Embraces), which beautifully narrates the concept of "recordari" or the act of remembering as a return to the heart, Ruby's exhibition echoes Galeano's sentiment that recordari is an intimate journey. It intentionally seeks to transcend the limitations of simple dichotomies by embracing the richness and diversity of life, depicting the world in its millions of colors and shades. Fear's work invites us to step into a space resonant with the heart's deep connections, and provides an opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in their memories, relishing the breadth of experiences that have enriched their lives and discover a renewed appreciation for life's intricacies and for the emotional depth and complexity inherent within their recollections.

Ruby Fear is a Colombian-British artist who uses a variety of materials and processes, including graphite, charcoal, markers, oil, acrylic, pastel, collage, found materials, and textures, to create layered artworks that encapsulate cultural influences and architectural nuances. Her work transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic forms, exploring cutting-edge processes and methods. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, her work reflects her diverse experiences and countless new beginnings, resulting in visually compelling stories rich with layers of history and profound meaning.