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FotoFest Biennial 2024: Critical Geography

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The FotoFest Biennial 2024 central exhibition, Critical Geography, reexamines traditional Western and historical understandings of geography while expanding these investigations to new realms.

Borrowing its name from the subdiscipline of geography that questions and challenges power structures, inequality, and the dominant ideologies shaping physical space, Critical Geography explores how space, place, and communities are influenced by social, economic, ecological, and political forces. By critically analyzing these dynamics, the works in the exhibition provoke conversations around social justice, environmental sustainability, and transformative change.

Critical Geography features a diverse range of image-based practices, representing artists from photographers and storytellers whose works shed light on systemic oppression, violence, and urgent environmental concerns to image-makers who appropriate mapping, social media, and technology in order to explore inequality in colonial and post-colonial contexts. The exhibition highlights a range of unorthodox strategies employed to construct new narratives around place and community while imagining alternative organizations of social space. The Biennial exhibition includes several site-specific works and new commissions by FotoFest.

Critical Geography is on view in Silver Street Studios and Winter Street Studios. Exhibit hours are:

· March 10–24: Monday–Sunday | 11 AM – 6 PM

· March 25–April 21: Wednesday–Sunday | 11 AM – 6 PM

Featured Artwork by Ethel Lilienfeld