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Collage: Putting It Together

Featuring Houston artists Gretchen McDaniel, Marie Casamayor-Harvey, and Rikki Mitman, Collage: Putting It Together presents exciting work in paper, textiles, and kiln-fired enamels. The show runs May 14 through August 14 at Gallery 200 in the Silos building at Sawyer Yards.

McDaniel, who works largely in textiles, is strongly attracted to the tactile feel, the textures, and colors of fabrics and threads. With these materials, she expresses a quest for truth, mercy, justice, and most of all, love.

Casamayor-Harvey, who also creates paintings, sculptures, and other works, explores musical, spiritual, and emotional experiences through her paper collage. A particular focus of late is the concept of belonging across space and time.

Mitman’s kiln-fired enamels, which incorporate glass and other enameled bits on a base of heavy copper, are largely abstract and deeply personal, reflecting her own need to find moments of calm and beauty in a hectic world.

The artists will host an opening reception on Saturday, May 21, 5 – 8 pm.