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Sarah Luna: East Pop West

Sawyer Yards is proud to announce artist Sarah Luna's solo exhibition, East Pop West. The exhibition is on view in the West Gallery (Door 4) of Silver Street Studios through May 25, 2024. Join the artist for a reception on May 11, from 5-7pm.  

Sarah Luna's work navigates several worlds of cultural identity, with Chinese, Thai, and traditional American influences. In this new body of work, she uses symbols from each culture to further reemphasize belonging to them. Graphic design, different type-faces, and food items, such as takeout Chinese and popsicles, are some examples of the cultural elements that she samples and blends together. Building on her acclaimed works that explore themes of joy, defiance and identity, Luna's show intertwines poignant commentary, nostalgia, style, and pop influences to share the nuances of maintaining several identities. Having spent much of her life relating to her cultural communities in one-dimensional settings, Luna uses this new body of work to communicate the rich complexities of blending her worlds instead of measuring her levels of Asian-ness. It is her celebration of the sass, resilience and beauty found in the process of belonging and relating to culture, family and one's self.

A contemporary mixed media and pop artist, Sarah Luna creates in her home, and at her studio at Silver Street Studios in Houston, Texas. Her work ranges from abstract compositions, to vibrant popsicles and fortune cookie sculptures. She spent the first part of her career in education as a high school counselor and is now a full-time artist. She resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, two daughters, and dog, Lulu. Most recently, her work was included in Lawndale Art Center's 2023 Big Show.