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Image: Ms. Jacobs glows with love, Jason Jacobs, 2023

Convergence is an enthralling voyage through the rich tapestry of artistic expression. This multimedia
group exhibition brings together disciplines such as installation, photography, video, painting, drawing,
and sculpture to investigate questions of identity, belonging, surveillance and how the identity of a city is
altered with expansion.

"Convergence" is when two or more things come together to form a new whole. During the semester, the featured artists spent time researching, building, and learning from each other as they each posed difficult questions with their personal projects. Each work in this dynamic exhibition has a distinct voice, adding to a collective story that celebrates the beauty found in our differences.

Featured Artists:
Junnette Laisha Betancourt
Kelsee Carlile
Alejandra Camacho
Ruth Campus
Alexandra Paige Caudle
Jax A Deleon
Maryam Esfahani
Jason Jacobs
Shawna Rasmussen
Brianna Pham
Mercedes Gale Rodriguez
Elizabeth Grace Scott
Nick Solis
Rabiya Yuksei
Angela Torres