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Debbie Gibbs: Hands Talk

Hands are powerful communicators. The mixed media artworks in this exhibit, composed of paper and acrylic on stretched canvas, highlight the role of hands in communicating and connecting. From the most literal interpretation, sign language, to symbolic gestures, hands can say a lot. The racially diverse hands used in the works represent the beauty that diversity brings to the world as well as the complexity it brings to communication and connection.

Debbie Gibbs is a painter and mixed-media artist. Her current mosaic-like style comes from a love of Gaudi’s work in Barcelona and Fuster’s work in Havana, both of which she encountered in her travels. Her passion for celebrating diversity and promoting equity and inclusion is often reflected in her work. She does abstract work, in addition to employing iconic symbols such as the heart, the cross, and the hand. Her work can be viewed at and on Instagram @gibbsdpg or at the Silos at Sawyer Yards, Studio #123.