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A Mysterious Chord

Sawyer Yards presents A Mysterious Chord, a selection of works by the tenant artists of Spring Street Studios. The exhibition will be on view from July 14 through October 14, and will occupy the second floor of the building. 

From the artists:

As humans, we experience intrigue and the desire to bond with another being.  Art can be a gateway to this deeply personal aspect of ourselves.  When viewing art, there is an exchange between artist and viewer.  The viewer is witnessing the artist’s expression of creativity.  An artist’s ability to animate the spirit of creativity comes from a non-ordinary state of consciousness, which strikes a mysterious chord within the viewer.

This mysterious chord gives art the potential to connect the viewer to the artist and to something deeper within themselves.  Artists of all different mediums and painting styles connect the viewer with a more profound truth and understanding of the world as they know it.  The artist’s vulnerability, on full display, exposes the viewer to their own emotions and feelings as they view the art.

Feeling drawn to a piece of art is a resonance from within; it speaks to a part of you that calls out to be recognized.  As you move through the exhibit I invite you to open yourself to connect with the art and the artist who created it.  How do you respond to each piece?  Are you able to connect to the artists?  What strikes a chord within you?