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BIG IDEAS, Small Frames: Part II

The artists of the Silos at Sawyer Yards present BIG IDEAS, Small Frames: Part II. This special, two-week exhibition will occupy Bay 200 Gallery, and is a showcase of exclusively smaller works by tenant artists.

BIG IDEAS, Small Frames is based on the concept that size does not matter. Something small or even understated can have the power to draw us in, hold our attention, challenge us, and make us think and feel in a big way. Participating artists were challenged to consider the communicative goals of their artwork, and how to accomplish them through a smaller format. 

Bay 200 Gallery is located in the middle of the Silos at Sawyer Yards studio building. Join the artists for a reception on February 10, from 5-7 pm after the Second Saturday open studios. 

Featured Artwork by Cary Reeder, Silos #306