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Salon d'Été 2024

Welcome to Salon d'Été - a tradition echoing the illustrious salon shows of 17th and 18th century France, where art aficionados traversed Paris to collect and appreciate the finest works of French artists. Here at Silver Street Studios, we proudly continue this legacy each summer with our Salon exhibition, showcasing the best of our artists' latest creations. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of contemporary art, stroll through our studios, and discover captivating works that stir the soul and ignite the imagination. Join us as we celebrate artistic excellence and the enduring spirit of creativity at Salon d'Été.

The exhibition is on view throughout the corridors of Silver Street Studios through June 29 and is free and open to the public. Join the artists for reception on May 11, from 5-7pm. 

Featured Artists:

Angela Fabbri, Chu Okoli, Miller Quevedo, Katya Dupond, Jatziri Barron, D. Ellington Art Studio LLC, Maria Elena Rusinek, Alessandra Albin, John Bishop, William Reed, April Murphy, Ellen H Ray, Mark Hellinger, Sarah Luna, Melody Locke, Bourne Jewelry, Vicki Hessemer, Adam Land, Riaz Rafi, Ruby Pinedo-Fear, Oaxaca Serrano Gallery, Clovis Postali, Bug In The Box, Fariba Abedi, Bayron Tabora, Nichole Dittmann, Aguilera Gallery, Bogdan Mihai, Serrano Gallery, Alison Donaldson, Tania Botelho, Cassandra Bohne-L, Kisseleva, Jenny Guarino, Sarah Rimboch, Elizabeth Waggett, Kymn Harrison, Andy Gonzalez, Valentina Atkinson, Alberto Godoy, Ammar Alobaidi, Danyelle Lakin, Gretchen Bender Sparks, Angela Corson, Lenice Colangelo, and Kenneth Halvorsen.