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On Set / Off Set

Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of On Set / Off Set, an extraordinary photographic
exhibition by Nathan Lindstrom that explores the juxtaposition between art created for commercial
endeavors and his personal fine art exploration. In the "On Set" series, Lindstrom unveils the
dynamic world of commercial artistry, showcasing images crafted for companies that not only
demonstrate his technical prowess but also embody the unique synergy between artistic vision and
corporate branding. These works encapsulate the vibrant energy and creative collaboration
inherent in the production of art tailored for commercial clients.

Contrastingly, the "Off Set" collection invites viewers into the contemplative realm of Lindstrom's
personal artistic journey. Freed from the constraints of commercial demands, he explores
uncharted territories, focusing on emotion, atmosphere, and the interplay of light and color.
Through evocative landscapes, intimate portraiture, and experimental compositions, Lindstrom
invites us to witness the visual poetry that emerges from his pursuit of fine art.

On Set / Off Set serves as a visual dialogue between two distinct worlds, prompting reflection on
the intersections and divergences between commercial and artistic realms. From the precision of
commercial sets to the spontaneity of artistic exploration, Lindstrom's work invites us to appreciate
the harmonious coexistence of these contrasting dimensions within his multifaceted vision. Join us
for an artist reception on Thursday, February 8, 2024 from 5-8 pm and experience the convergence, divergence, and ultimate unity of On Set / Off Set, a narrative woven by Nathan Lindstrom's lens.

About the Artist:
Nathan Lindstrom is a compelling visual storyteller, showcasing a profound proficiency in portrait
and lifestyle photography while catering to a diverse array of editorial, marketing, and advertising
clientele. Renowned for his outstanding work, Lindstrom has earned numerous accolades, including
multiple Gold and Silver Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation and prestigious
Crystal Awards from the American Marketing Association. In 2023, his acclaimed portrait of the late
Houston artist, Jesse Lott, not only garnered a nomination for Best Profile Photograph by the
American Society of Media Editors but also earned a Gold Award in Portrait Photography from the
International Regional Media Association.