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Pockets is a solo exhibition of works by Elena Lopez Poirot, featured in the TANK Project Space at Spring Street Studios.

For some time, Elena has been creating life-size installations in which she creates dimly lit mazes for viewers to walk through and explore.

For the TANK Space, she creates installations within a larger installation that derive from childhood memories, and aims to transport viewers to another place as their eyes adjust to the low light and their feet tread through sand on a beach, hear the sounds of birds chirping, peer into a miniature installation and experience the smells of the forest.

Elena’s installations evoke a sense of confusion as elements of the exterior are combined with those of the interior and persuade the viewer to escape their reality for a few moments while being transported into a place of their own, in hopes that they will walk with a greater appreciation of the commonality of human experiences.

TANK Space

1824 Spring Street Houston, TX 77007

Exhibition on view July 13 - September 21, 2019.
All exhibitions are free and open to the public Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM