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Jeanne Jones: Color Bed

Matisse once said:  “I feel through color.”

Color Bed is a vibrant exploration inspired by Henri Matisse's philosophy and Betty Woodman's ceramic artistry. Echoing Matisse's sentiment of feeling through color, my exhibition delves into the origins of color, emphasizing the significance of studying artistic theories. In harmony with these masters, I boldly embrace uninhibited color and pattern mixing in my paintings, which often take the form of abstract depictions of plant life—an homage to the natural world that continually fuels my creative spirit. The metaphorical Color Bed serves as a garden where both flowers and ideas bloom. This symbolic space mirrors the fusion of paintings, ceramic installations, and mixed media works within the exhibition—a celebration of nature's profound influence on my artistic journey.

Jeanne Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist creating paintings and ceramics in Houston, TX. She creates abstract work that expresses a deep connection to nature and the inherent qualities of joy it evokes. A strong sense of color and love of expressive line are prominent features in her artwork. Jeanne attended The Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX where she earned a Certificate of Achievement in Painting and completed a two-year advanced study in The BLOCK Program.