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GRIDLOCK is a show about traffic, densification, politics, labor, the landscape, urban planning and infrastructure, and the complexity and nuance of life in our ever-changing city. The largest infrastructural work of our civilization could be our roads, literal lines superimposed onto the landscape. Within the context of Houston's constant construction and increasing auto traffic, the term "gridlock" quickly brings to mind a visual of stopped, bumper-to-bumper cars. However, it is also used metaphorically to describe a sort of paralysis between people; a stalemate.

Houston artists were prompted to consider and respond to the idea of gridlock as it applies to their lives, and, or within the context of Houston at large. The resulting amalgamation is a cutting and diverse range of artworks across all media. From found and repurposed road signs, abstract and formal studies of grids, to more figural or narrative interpretations of conflict or entanglement, the show embodies the wide spectrum of possibilities around the idea of gridlock while bringing together nineteen local contemporary artists.

This exhibition will be on view at the East Corridor Gallery at Sabine Street Studios (Sawyer Yards) through July 6, 2024. Join the artists for a reception on Thursday, May 24, from 6-8pm.

Featured Artists:  Nicole Durham, Gloria Reyna, Lauren LunaOzzy Demir, Adam Land, Stephanie Larsen, Donald Jones, Jen Paschke, Meribeth Privett, Rebecca Acuna, Ruby Scott, Angela Walling, Nergis Mustafa, Luis Fernando Penalopez, Mariela Dominguez (XZZX), MaryAnn Lucas, Vincent Fink, Lucy Caire, Betirri

Featured Artwork:  ALTO, by XZZX