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All Roads Lead to Home

Curator: Sebastien Boncy

"'All Roads Lead To Home' is a collaborative multimedia exhibition featuring thirteen emerging artists from Texas. The exhibition delves into the artists' personal connections to the concept of "home", including nostalgic reminiscences, cultural upbringings, and the impact of climate change on their environment.

As the artists continue to progress in their careers and personal lives, they remain grounded in their past by recognizing the importance of returning home. This exhibition serves as a tribute to the concept of home and the role it plays in shaping the artists' lives and artwork."

Participating Artists: Claudia Chicas, Jasmine Cogan, Lucy Carranza, Ylei Gachupín, Natasha Jordan, Ali Khoja, Hailey Lassiter, Alfonso Ochoa, Hanna Oliva, Brandon Stelly, Dranat Vazquez, Carolina Yáñez, Zenturo.