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Rodrigo Aguilera: ABSTREALISM

Sawyer Yards is pleased to present Abstrealism, a solo exhibition of paintings by accomplished Houston painter Rodrigo Aguilera. The show is on view from July 1 to 27 in the West Gallery of Silver Street Studios. 

At first sight, Aguilera's paintings read as colorful abstract designs, featuring pixelations or slices of pictorial moments set against color. The works on view demonstrate his technical mastery and delicate brushstrokes. Some include layering with collage or materials such as thread. Upon stepping back, a realistic image emerges that brings together all the parts and fragments, usually in the form of a portrait. Aguilera defines this result as "Abstrealism." It conveys a sense that the parts form a whole. Subjects range from newly processed interpretations of classic portraits by old masters, to pop culture references including comic book characters.  Aguilera writes of his work: "My hope is that this approach brings you joy, moves you, and elevates your thinking as light overcomes darkness."

About the Artist:

Rodrigo Aguilera was born in 1960 Bogota, Colombia. In 1984 he received a degree in painting from the Superior Academy of Arts of Bogota (ASAB). At the time, he also worked with top major advertising agencies as a graphic designer. In 2002 he created a magazine for the visual arts in Houston called Art Gallery until the year 2006. He states, "It was for me like a practical post graduate project, visiting on a monthly basis the art galleries for five years and doing the practice of painting at the same time" then 2014 he creates "Art 713" a second magazine an now In the present, his with "Aplauso" a magazine for the visual arts too. 

Aguilera participated in the prestigious Hunting Art prize of Texas 2007 and 2009, as well as the 2007 Gala Night at the Museum of Latin American Artists (MOLAA) in Long Beach CA. He has shown locally at Lawndale Art Center and Dan Allison Gallery in Houston, TX. Currently, Aguilera works and shows out of his studio, #210, at Silver Street Studios, a part of the Sawyer Yards art complex.