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On view: July 2nd - August 20th

Reception: July 9th; 5:30 - 8:00 pm

Curated by Alton DuLaney

The artworks in this exhibition, all by artists in Silver Street Studios, can be thought of as illustrations of the way that something new and significant comes to exist through the combination of unassuming parts. Furthermore, in the exhibition itself each work becomes a constituent part of a wider impression. This impression will vary between different viewers, each picking up different ingredients from each artwork and mentally combining them using a different recipe.

What emerges, though, will always be greater than and different to its components. It will not be reducible to their sum or their difference. It will come up, come out, come to light. Be revealed, uncovered, disclosed. Quietly, slowly, gradually.

About the curator:

Alton DuLaney is an artist, curator, consultant and television personality.

Through his ART, Alton researches the conceptual ability of his work to transform the perception of objects, images, and actions, as communicated through artistic expression, the relevance of site, the act of mark-making, and the identity of the artist. In his work ART is the subject, the medium, and the message - tautologically expressed.

Or as the artist likes to say, “I am an artist. I make ART.”

His multi-disciplinary ART practice includes painting, sculpture, photography, textile, neon, jewelry, video, tattooing, branding, street signs, political action, mail art, public art, and, of course, performance art.

In performance art he has created the character of “The World’s Most Famous Gift Wrap Artist” who has appeared on numerous national TV shows including Rachael Ray, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, The Wendy Williams Show, Access Hollywood, ETV, The Harry Connick Jr Show, as a judge on two seasons of HBO’s Craftopia, as well as his own show “ The Great Gift Exchange” on YouTube Originals, promoting creativity and the beauty of inspiration.

Alton has shown his ART in countless exhibitions in Texas, Los Angeles, and New York City as well as Europe and South America. He is in the collections of the Tom of Finland Foundation of LA, the Leslie Lohman Museum of NYC, the City of Marfa public art collection, and many important private collections.

He has a BFA from the University of Texas in Austin, an MFA from the University of Houston, where he also taught Public Art.

For the last three years, Alton has been the Curator of Public Art for the Houston Airports overseeing one of the largest public art collections in the aviation industry and in the state of Texas. He has helped grow the collection by adding over 100 pieces to the collection at a value of nearly $10,000,000.00.


Exhibiting Artists:

Abedin Fine Art, Adam Land, Alessandra Albin, Alberto Godoy, Ammar Alobaidi, Andy Gonzalez, Angela Fabbri, Bimbo Adenugba, Bogdan Mihai, Bourne Jewelry, Chu Okoli, D. Ellington Art Studio, Darrell White, Gretchen Bender Sparks, Gabriela Monterroso, Jatziri Barron, Jenny Guarino, John Bishop Fine Art, Kymn Harrison, Lacy Husmann, Lenice Colangelo, Lynn Ennis, Mariana Sammartino, Mathieu JN Baptiste, Melody Locke Art, Miller Quevedo, Oaxaca Serrano Contemporary Gallery, Rodrigo Aguilera, Serrano Gallery, Valentina Atkinson, Valentina Kisseleva, Vania Leporowski, and Vicki Hessemer.


Featured artwork (detail): Almost Home by Melody Locke