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Angela Corson: Common Ground

In her latest exhibition, Angela Corson once again showcases her ability to create quietly dynamic works of art with different materials that reveal the beauty of objects both individually or through their collective arrangement. In her metal pieces, we can feel the effort and force that went into their creation. Additionally, the patience and persistence in her textile works are also evident throughout the space.

Angela Alvarado Corson is a Houston-based artist with more than 20 years experience in large scale installations and murals, as well as a strong background working with charcoal, oil, and acrylic painting. Her artistic investigation has recently included the creation of metal sculptures. Corson’s main inspiration comes from her realization of the limitations of language. Through her pieces, she seeks to express what cannot be put into words, and to find a way to fill the voids found in written and spoken communication. As a result, Corson explores multiple media in order to find the most effective way of communicating through the intrinsic possibilities of different materials.

Common Ground is on view through June 29th in the West Gallery (Door 4) of Silver Street Studios. Join the artist for a reception on June 8, from 4 to 7pm.