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Lumen Abstractions

Sawyer Yards is pleased to announce Lumen Abstractions, an exhibition of tenant artists at Spring Street Studios whose works deal with the influence of light. The exhibition is located on the second floor of Spring Street Studios, and is now on view through February 21, 2024.

Lumen Abstractions goes beyond media and invites you to discover how artists, each in their unique way, harness the magic of light to convey their vision. The human eye measures visible light from a light source onto forms and textures. As a result our perception then becomes a uniquely abstracted form of realism. Interpreted shapes and hues form visual different understandings and representations of life, which become art.

Through a diverse range of artworks, we gain a profound understanding of how artists use the radiant energy of light to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Painters may strive to capture the luminous essence of something to convey the feeling of past to present to future existence. Photographers capture the essence of light in fleeting instants. Through their lenses, they freeze time and reveal the beauty of both natural and artificial light sources. Sculptors mold and carve light itself, creating awe-inspiring sculptures that play with transparency, translucency, and shadow.

Whether you’re a seasoned art collector, or a casual observer, this exhibition promises to illuminate your imagination and reveal the connection between art and the essence of light.

Image Shown "Light Bearers" by Becky O'Neal (Spring Street #212)