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The artists of Silver Street Studios present Home, a unique art exhibition featuring creative and varied interpretations of the theme. Each piece tells a story of what "home" means to the artist, with stunning visuals and thought-provoking symbolism across media including painting, photography, and sculpture. The exhibition was curated by Heather Braman, artist, curator, and Gallery Coordinator at Bosque Gallery in Cypress, Texas.  

As a special tribute to the American Society of Interior Design, and a nod to domestic objects, the artists have each also provided a chair alongside their artworks, showcasing their new association with the organization. This exhibition is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the power of art and its connection to our sense of home.

Participating Artists:

Darrell White, Laura Aurealis, Mark Hellinger, Ruby Fear, Lacy Husmann, Adam Land Fine Arts, Katya Du Pond, Gretchen Bender Sparks, Valentina Atkinson, Melody Locke, D. Ellington Art Studio LLC, Mariana Sammartino, Clovis Postali, Angela Corson, Bogdan Mihai, Vicki Hessemer, Jatziri Barron, Rodrigo Aguilera, Bourne Jewelry, Tania Botelho, Matthew Gantt, John Bishop Fine Art, Castellanos Fine Art, Fariba Abedin, Miller Quevedo, Andy Gonzalez, Vania Leporowski, April Murphy, Ellen H Ray, Kymn Harrison, Gabriela Monterroso, Valentina Kisseleva, Cheryl Russell, Lenice Colangelo, Sarah Luna, Ken Halvorsen, Ammar Alobaidi, Chu Okoli, Oaxaca Serrano Gallery, Serrano Gallery, Angela Fabbri, Rachelle LeBlanc, Alessandra Albin, Danyelle Lakin