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Everyday life, forks in the road, and dead ends forcing us to alter course as time moves on are all natural parts of the human experience. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of certain changes until we reflect on our present and the events of the past. We are changed in the process and often wonder how we got to certain places in our lives. In this exhibition titled Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes inspired by the David Bowie song, artists of Sabine Street Studios present works incorporating the ideas of time, change, and reflection, connecting the past and the present, all steering us towards an unknown future.

The exhibition is on view in the South Gallery and corridor of Sabine Street Studios. Join the artists for a reception September 14, as part of Sawyer Yards Art Ramble. 

Featured artwork: Cameron Sands, "Structure Painting No. 2"  aka  "Hello Rainbow Ball", Oil on Canvas