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Sawyer Yards is pleased to announce Autonomic, an exhibition of Spring Street Studios artists and local guest artists curated by Houston's own Pablo Cardoza. The exhibition is located on the ground floor of the building. Join the artists for a reception and curator talk on November 17, from 6-8pm. 

The curator writes:

"The drive to create visual symbols is incredibly old. Recent estimates age the earliest known cave paintings at 65,000 years old, yet one may still wonder what artworks were created before then that simply did not survive. This habit of making art has endured throughout time and lives with us today. It inhabits every culture and socio-economic level showing true durability as a facet of human behavior. What art provides for the viewer and creator, outside of any economic gain, is a moment to slow down and reflect. Moments of deep consideration and focus underlie the process of creating art and viewing art. An engagement of the autonomic nervous system follows and brings about a state of relaxation.

The connection between the work for this exhibition defies a singular theme and is rooted in the common goal amongst the artists of Spring Street Studios which is to express themselves visually. Devoting time and resources to the creative process to satisfy this deep need is another unifying element for the artists in this exhibit. The works chosen for this show reflect this passion and commitment."

Featured Spring Street Artists: Becky O’Neal #212, Bob Lytle #240, Cheri Randolph #121, Constance Braden #207, Corey Rich #241, Eileen Figueroa #135, Eve Leonard #120, Gabriyela Ayarzagoitia #135, Gary Griffin #214, Gwen Juarez #235, Holland Geibel #214, Jennifer Martin #111, Lenie Caston-Miller #113, Leonor Ratliff #106, Lou Vest #223, Meribeth Privett #114, Michael Lesher #113, Mona Ghazi #111, Nena Marsh #120, Pavlina Vagioni #131, Sonia Davis #105, Soody Sharifi #226, Syd Moen #130, Zack Murray #207

Featured Guest Artists: Jordan Graber, Jennifer Whitford, Nai Nicole, Adrian Jimenez, Caitlyn Ma, Tony Torres

Image: "My Hair" by Soody Sharifi, Spring Street Studio #226