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Pavlina Vagioni: Proteus Within

Sawyer Yards is pleased to announce Proteus Withinan installation by artist Pavlina Vagioni that will occupy the TANK Space at Spring Street Studios at Sawyer Yards from September 9 through November 25, 2023. There will be a closing reception on November 17, from 6-8pm. 

Proteus Within combines sculptural elements with kinetic light, optical illusions, and sound. Drawing from the myth of Proteus, the shape-shifting sea deity from Greek mythology, the work manifests a sense of fluidity and transformation. Through a dynamic interplay of light, darkness, sound, and three-dimensional forms, Pavlina Vagioni transforms the TANK space into an illusory sea, echoing the ever-changing forms of the mythical Proteus. Simultaneously, the work delves into the territory of the collective unconscious, pulling references from analytical psychology and Carl Jung's theories while rendering a commentary on the "Proteus effect" in our digital age—the influence of one's virtual avatar on real-world behavior.

Rooted in Hellenic mythology, Proteus Within builds a cultural bridge, promoting an enriching dialogue between Houston's diverse community and Greece. Spanning the conscious and subconscious realms, it links the individual to the collective, inviting a conversation between personal narrative and global mythologies.

Pavlina Vagioni is a Houston-based multimedia artist whose work explores classical myths in a contemporary context. Educated at the Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece, she is also a soprano soloist with a background in music composition. Pavlina maintains studios in Houston and Athens, exhibiting extensively across the US and internationally. Her work has earned recognition in international art
publications and books.