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Bogdan Mihai: Nature Remembered

Sawyer Yards is pleased to announce Nature Remembered, a solo exhibition by Silver Street artist Bogdan Mihai featuring images of porcelain animal figurines, each with its own doily created from natural elements. The images remind us all of how we need to treat the natural world we live in with special care and attention.

Mihai writes:
"Remember how your grandmother placed anything of value on a hand woven doily?  Porcelain figurines, framed portraits, and mementos of family vacations were each enshrined on these delicate pads of honor.  The doily telegraphed the value and importance of an object as being fragile, and requiring special care and protection.

These statues are now cast aside as being trite, of another time, and generally overdone. The same could be said of many of the environmental warnings that now sound hollow in our ears.  After decades of environmental catastrophe, mass extinctions, and climactic degradation, it seems as though the conservancy message hasn’t kept pace.  I decided to recall those earliest family values that were so clear to me growing up.  If it really, really matters, put it on a doily.  There’s a message we can all understand."

The exhibition is on view Jan 1 - 28, 2023 in the West Gallery of Silver Street Studios 2000 Edwards St, Houston, TX 77007. Enter through Door 4 on the deck. The opening reception will take place on Thursday January 12, 6-8 PM