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Interior Interruptions

Interior Interruptions presents new work by Marisa LaGuardia and Ellen Drew Phillips, transforming printmaking into expanded sculptural forms. Inspired by self-guided exploration, fractals, and reoccurrences, the exhibition highlights the concept of multiples and varied perspectives, inviting viewers to experience the work many times over with fresh eyes.

Printmaking emphasizes duplicates, echos, and overlaps. Interior Interruptions creates a visual and conceptual dialogue between the repetitive ritual of printing on a flat surface like paper, and the act of replicating imagery across three dimensional space using mixed media. Analyzing the alliterative aspects of printmaking, works on paper will be shown in conversation with sculpture, installation, and video.

The artists utilize printmaking techniques and the production of multiples in a variety of formats to consider interrupted interiors. These disruptions manifest in layers—physically within the gallery by way of considered installation choices; visually via shifting perspectives created through the artworks’ subtle modes of interference; and conceptually, revealing the permeability of nested spaces within the mind, body, home, and external environments. 

Baltimore-based artist Marisa LaGuardia investigates visual interruption as a redirect, a change in pace, and an opportunity to invite the unexpected. LaGuardia’s practice emphasizes proximity and navigation, with work manifesting as partitions, portals, reflections, and illusions. Houston-based artist Ellen Drew Phillips creates poetic material narratives sourced from dreams and quotidian life, observing notable intersections of energies. Phillips’ work brackets time and traces fluctuations of what is near, temporal, and tender.

The show is curated by Christopher Beer and Kelly Johnson, and is on view at Sabine Street Studios from October 3 to November 9.

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 6-8pm.
Beverages sponsored by Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Sabine Street Studios North Gallery
1907 Sabine Street, Houston, TX 77007

All exhibitions are free and open to the public Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM.