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1,000 FACES

Curated by Houston artist Tony Paraná, 1,000 Faces includes over a thousand individual works created by ten national and international artists. Each artist has created a series of 100+ portraits. The exhibition is on view through June 22 in the Bay 200 Gallery of the Silos at Sawyer Yards studio building. 

The portraits on view are incredibly diverse and wide-ranging. The subjects represent people of different backgrounds, and the execution varies between colors, dimensions, and methodology. Each artist brings a unique perspective, reinforcing the diverse direction that our city and our world is going. Behind every face is a history, a lived experience.

Participating Artists: Alejandro Caiazza (NY), Alexandra Kontrimaite (Houston, TX), Barbara Montarroyos (RJ, Brasil), Cirlete Knupp (RJ, Brasil), Dircene Martins (Houston, TX), Joe Bloch (NY), Lauren Luna (Houston, TX), Lindsay Cline (Austin, TX), Tra Slaughter (Houston, TX), Tony Paraná (Houston, TX)