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Cressandra Thibodeaux: Blood Quantum | Tribal Voices 

Texas Photographic Society (TPS) is proud to announce that Juror Olivia Parker has selected the artist recipient of the 2024 TPS National Photography Award: Cressandra Thibodeaux from Houston, TX. An exhibition of Thibodeaux’s work, entitled Blood Quantum, will be on view at Sabine Street Studios, in the North Gallery from March 28 - May 11, 2024. 

Cressandra Thibodeaux describes the project:

“The thematic exploration of Blood Quantum, confronts the complexities of Native identity, sovereignty, and representation, through photography and interviews. I am an enrolled member of the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Tribe of Chippewas. My old “Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card” states I’m ¼ Ojibwe. And although I don’t feel Native enough to represent the voice of my tribe, I do feel qualified to share in the Indigenous dialogue of how the colonial concept of Blood Quantum affects our fractured Native identities. The choice of color portraiture is deliberate. It imbues the project with a contemporary immediacy, pushing against the confines of the historical narrative. In portraying a diverse group of Native Americans, I aim to counter the paper genocide inherent in the concept of Blood Quantum. This act of documenting Natives through visual representation and sharing their personal stories, is a powerful testament to our resilience and self-determination.”

About the Artist:

Cressandra Thibodeaux is a bi-racial, award-winning filmmaker, writer, and visual artist with an MFA degree from Columbia University’s prestigious Film program. Her career spans producing, directing, and editing numerous documentaries, short films, a play, and several commercials. Her first three commercials won three silver Addy Awards, a testament to her creative vision and technical expertise.
Her first solo show, Oil on Water, was held in 2010 at Art Basel in Basel in Switzerland. Her work has been described as thought-provoking and engaging, and with a unique ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds.

Cressandra founded 14 Pews, a microcinema located in an old church in the Houston Heights, in 2010. As the Executive Director of 14 Pews, she has curated 11 art shows highlighting Houston artists and directed several award-winning documentaries on Houston artists. The art shows and cultural events have a strong community engagement component, including collaborations with other artists, activists, academics, and non-profit organizations to foster an inclusive and diverse creative space. Her dedication to uplifting underrepresented voices and commitment to social justice have made a lasting impact on the Houston community.