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The artists of Silver Street are proud to announce the opening of Paradoxthe first juried exhibition at Silver Street Studios that draws work from all of the studio buildings on the Sawyer Yards campus. The exhibition was juried by Alton Dulaney, an artist, personality, and Director of the Houston Airports Public Art Program. Dulaney will speak at the opening reception on July 18, from 5 - 8pm. 

Many artists express their personal worldview through their creative work, blending subjective perspectives with symbolism. Paradox delves into the exploration of what exists between these realms, celebrating the harmonization of opposing forces.

Participating artists have explored life's apparent contradictions—elements that defy our expectations and challenge conventional experiences. They've created artworks that span the realms of known and unknown, understood and fantastical. It is within this realm of imbalance that true creativity and learning flourish. Paradox serves as a space where connections form, recognition emerges, and new perspectives are forged.

Featured Artists:

John Bishop Fine Art, Toto, Eve Leonard, Vivian Hordes, Ammar Alobaidi, Shirley Lavine , Cora Salvino, Danyelle Lakin, Fariba Abedin, Cassandra Bohne-Linnard, MaryAnn Lucas, Eric Coan, Kathy Drago, Erika Alonso, Kelly Best Bourgeois, Alex Wilhite, Brenda J Bunten-Schloesser, Manju Unnikrishnan, Gretchen Bender Sparks, Deborah Ellington, Mark Hellinger, Bayron Tabora Castellanos, Jin Park, Riaz Rafi, Sheila Leatherwood, Angela Fabbri, Vicki Hessemer, Alison Donaldson , Crystal Wreden, Paul Chu, Pete Stockton , Bogdan Mihai, Soody Sharifi, Marthann Masterson , Mathieu Jean Baptiste, Rodrigo Aguilera, Alexis Ardrei, Marlo Saucedo, Rebecca Acuna, Rolando Rojas, Nonviolenze Art, Sarah Luna, Claire Cusack, Adam Land, Katya Du Pond, Vania Leporowski, Kymn Harrison, Claire Loft, Maria Rusinek, Carrie Leigh Swim, Melody Locke, Clovis Postali, Angela Corson, Marie E. Casamayor-Harvey, VIII Art Co, Chris Pinon, Candis Smith, Rob Gladstone Digital Art, Cheri Randolph, Andy Gonzalez, Ellen H Ray, C. Ellen Hart, Lenice Colangelo, Justin Earl Grant, Rikki Mitman, Brooke Summers-Perry, Wendy Moreland, April Murphy, Laura Spector, Julia McLaurin, Julie Villareal, William Reed, F. Carter Smith, and Stacy Gresell