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Wabi Sabi

The exhibition on display in the main corridor brings together a selection of artworks that incorporate the Japanese aesthetic and philosophy of Wabi Sabi. Wabi refers to simplicity and Sabi refers to the acceptance and appreciation of the passage of time. Wabi Sabi is the art of finding a singular beauty in simplicity and imperfection, embracing both the splendor and the nostalgia found in the marks of passing time. In this exhibition, you will find artworks with shapes that are asymmetrical, others with textures or color that seem to accentuate a simple style; artworks where the creative process is more important than the finished piece of art. Being able to recognize value and sift through those characteristics in an art piece is an homage to authenticity. As the world has been forced to slow down during these times, these works give us a reason to contemplate, to admire, to discuss, and at the same time, they confront us with limitations and imperfections giving a greater value to the transcendence that art grants us.


Lorena Morales

Multidisciplinary Visual Artist