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Flux School of Art: Annual Exhibition

FLUX School of Art is pleased to present this year's Annual Exhibition at the East Gallery in Silver Street Studios, Sawyer Yards! The exhibition is on view for one day only, and will feature student work by artists of all ages, from youths to adults. Stop the gallery Saturday July 29th, from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Silver Street Studios is a part of the Sawyer Yards arts complex, located at 2000 Edwards Street. East Gallery can be found through Door 1 on the deck, on the North side of the building.  

About FLUX School of Art:

FLUX School of Art offers multi-media art classes to K-12 students as well as art workshops/memberships for adults. is dedicated to popularizing art knowledge, creativity, and techniques to students of all ages.

"The main concept of FLUX is to transform art education from the traditional “in-studio” painting and drawing technique training to an artistic culture cultivation education. Our program combines art history, creativity development, critical thinking, multi-material practices, museum visits and art gallery field trips. These opportunities are provided for students to be immersed in an interactive art culture during their personal development. We dedicate ourselves to our students in achieving their individual goals, regardless of college preparation or pure personal ambition in visual art."