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Connecting Your Senses

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Miller Quevedo is a Colombian artist living in Houston Texas since 2015, and is dedicated full time to art.

His development as an artist has gone through several stages of exploration between the figurative, expressive, and abstract. He has always been interested in the study of the creative process and how our brain works in this area, his taste for research has led him to communicate through his work the importance of developing and training all our senses, especially the visual, auditory and Kinestetic, his works currently leave the two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional where it incorporates elements such as wood, aluminum, metal, and ropes.

The result of these works give the viewer the opportunity to connect their senses, because you can see and touch the work and it responds with sound. By listening they are activating 3 very important senses. His works are rich in color, elements and creativity because of this his work today he calls it. CONNECTING YOUR SENSES Miller Q Art. Silver street studios No. 324