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Nergis Mustafa: Painting and Poetry

Sawyer Yards presents Painting and Poetry, a solo exhibition of works by Silos artist, Nergis Mustafa. The exhibition will take place in Bay 300 Gallery of the Silos at Sawyer Yards.

We all carry lines of poetry within us. A poet chooses specific words, a tone, a point of view and form, and visual artists do the same. Both art and poetry speak to our imaginations through the power of images, and both art forms inspire each other. They are about tapping into intuition and letting the poem or painting flow onto the page. Mustafa's paintings use symbols, often to mask deeper meaning. The resulting works are coded narratives, and can be experienced almost like a treasure hunt.

Nergis Mustafa is a mixed-media artist currently residing in Houston. She received her Certificate in Painting from the Glassell School of Art, and works full time in her studio, #214 at the Silos at the Sawyer Yards,  which is situated in the Arts District of Houston. Join the artist for a reception on November 11, from 5-7pm.