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Laundry Day by Dana Caldera

Laundry Day is the first career installation for Houston artist Dana Caldera, featured in the TANK Project Space at Spring Street Studios.

Caldera is known for her mixed media collage work, incorporating found material, found and handmade paper, and mark making into intricately layered compositions. 

For the TANK Space, Caldera has built an installation of her newest work combining found fabric and paper collage. These collage quilts are more like textiles, with a found handkerchief as the fabric backing rather than a traditional canvas or paper backing. 

Caldera’s installations evoke a sense of sentimentality, as the primary material is sourced from local estate sales. In creating with pieces, Caldera must separate the preciousness from the delicate, one-of-a-kind items and push the material into it’s new form. The resulting installation is a collection of storied items reassembled into contemporary art objects, connecting the anonymous original owner with the yet unknown viewer.