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18 Stories

Eighteen dreams, eighteen nightmares, eighteen directions to look, eighteen places to
hide, Eighteen stories to tell.

The University of Houston's 2024 Photography and Digital Media Senior Thesis exhibition brings together a diverse range of image-making practices across quilts, collage, installation, new media, and cyanotype printing. The works highlight subconscious realities, normalized violence, family history, embodied memory, and cultural myth-making to explore new narratives around place-making and belonging. The exhibition employs a multiverse of imaginaries to construct and reveal the tedious balance between fact and fiction, truth and disbelief, or remembrance and forgetting. Through this exhibition, we enter into a kaleidoscopic myriad of stories surrounding us each day—waiting to be told.

18 Stories will be on view and open to the public between April 26th - May 10th and free to the
public at Summer Street Studios.

Curator: Erika Mei Chua Holum

Featured Artists: 
Yazan Adham, Mark Billescas, Via Aphrodite Cabanez, Ruth Campos, Emery Dolan, Julia Fisher, Daniel Zuniga, Caleb Hernandez, Li Kenna, Hanna Lopez, Liliana Marroquin, Kayla Middleton, Giuliana Nakashima, Peter Nguyen, Rosie Nguyen, Isabel Sanchez, Wendy Tecum

Lorena G. Molina, Jamie Ho, Keliy Anderson-Staley

Featured Artwork by Julia Fisher