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Alison Donaldson: Paper Trail

In her first ever solo exhibition, Paper Trail, Alison Donaldson explores her love of deconstructing original artwork and piecing it back together into intuitively created works that are hybrids of collage and abstract expressionism. Each piece included is created with some form of torn or cut pieces of original, mixed media art. Her process begins with a meditative free painting that doubles as personal healing. After layers of paint; oil pastel and often a myriad of other materials she begins the process of cutting and tearing. Through paper weaving; assembling torn edges and scraps; or layering and collaging, Alison instinctually reconstructs the paper back onto canvas. She strives to invite the viewer in with color, but hopes they ultimately examine each piece closer for its unique composition and intricate details that are the basis of her work. Paint. Cut or tear. Adhere. Create order out of chaos. Repeat. These works are a celebration of deconstructed artwork. 

Alison is a mixed media artist with a love of color and exploring modern ways to reimagine working with deconstructed artwork. She is located in Studio #308 of The Silos and also has a home based workspace. Alison has worked with a large group of private collectors in the Houston area and across the nation. Most recently she had the honor of creating a "Woven Together" piece for UTHealth Houston in their "Art of Gratitude" collection honoring their top donors. She has exhibited with the Visual Arts Association in Houston and group exhibitions within The Silos. She is currently continuing her art education through ongoing coursework at the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. 

Image: Alison Donaldson, 1,000 Steps Closer