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Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries Group Exhibition

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An Exhibition sending a unified message through art of “Empathy” from the cast of Artists from “Meet Houston’s Artists” a docuseries filmed, directed, and created by local Houston Artist, MoNique LeRoux. The docuseries is 14 episodes dedicated to painting the art journey of artists in Houston, Texas creating amid Covid-19, Economic downfall, and a country divided during 2020. During production, all 14 artists were asked the interview question, “What do you think the world needs more of in this time?” Almost unanimously the overall consensus and response was “Empathy”.  The artists decided, in their own craft and styles, to share with you their works of art that express the emotion and concept of empathy while challenging the mind to understand that art may be subjective but empathy should not.

Participating Artists:

MoNique LeRoux | Miri Teresa | Thaddaeus Arvie | Elena Sandovici | Lauren Luna | Rodney D. Butler | Hugo Perez | Amy Cummins | Flux the Artist | Lex Simone | Brandi Untz | Gene Barron | Amy Malkan | Teresa L. Staley

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This exhibition is made possible by Arts District Houston, Kickstarter, OutSmart Magazine, CityBook, Shoutout HTX, Fresh Arts, and Fox26 Houston


About the Director:

MoNique LeRoux is a Texas native with French Creole heritage born in the small town of Lufkin, Texas. Born into a military family, she moved around quite a bit giving her various experiences early on in life.  LeRoux is also a military veteran, former police officer and former firefighter. The latter is the career in which her fascination with fire & chemistry grew that gave birth to the unique combination of mixed media, abstract expression and the use of fire. After many years of searching for fulfillment within self and life LeRoux found herself at a crossroads; to continue the pursuit of a life of predictability or pursue her life’s dream, to be an artist. In 2016 LeRoux boxed up her last uniform and moved to Houston to pursue her passion. Her art career was born and MoNique LeRoux Art was established. LeRoux has directed, written, produced, edited, and starred in her art films as well as her most recent art film project, The Meet Houston’s Artists Docuseries.  In July of 2019 LeRoux launched her Podcast, “Perspective of an Artist with MoNique LeRoux” syndicated on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify & More. LeRoux covers topics on her unique perspective of the life she has gained from her various careers and personal struggles as well as gives advice on how to understand, receive, and give empathy and compassion for others. A major aspect of LeRoux’s inspiration is her daily mantra of “Stop Doing Things You Don’t Like”. LeRoux is currently a resident artist at Art Machine Gallery in Houston, located at Sawyer Yards in the Silos in Houston, Texas.

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