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Lumikhâ Arts Showcase: We Have Begun.

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Lumikhâ 2019 honored our presence by saying We Are Here.

Now, WE HAVE BEGUN to ask ourselves who we are. In what ways can we challenge our actions, values, movements, and how we communicate? Through art and performance, this space activates and transforms current conversations to invite the audience in developing a renewed appreciation for our Filipinx culture and customs. WE HAVE BEGUN discovering the different ways we are brought together with the ebb and flow of our generational past, present, and future. WE HAVE BEGUN to look below the surface into what it means to be Filipinx American in Texas.

The artists and performers of Lumikhâ 2020 reflect on and deconstruct traditions, notions of colorism, gender constructs, inter-generational tensions, and social movements. Through these pieces and interactions, we continue to create a living, breathing Kapwa experience.

We, as a community, have the power to connect, to heal, to reveal, and together, create a reality that will inspire us to move forward as a stronger generational force.

Once we have begun to realize who we are, we know what we can become.