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As a participating space of the FotoFest Biennial 2024, Serrano Gallery presents Reflections. This exhibition showcases five distinct artists, each offering a unique vision influenced by their diverse geographical backgrounds. The collective works are a tapestry of perspectives, each woven with threads of individual experiences and cultural contexts, creating a mosaic of global artistic expression.

John Bernhard, from Switzerland, reflects on the connection between humans and nature in the post-pandemic era. He employs experimental photography techniques, infused with elements of dreams and surrealism, to emphasize trees' historical and cultural significance. , and Alfonso Bonilla from Colombia. His work is an unmistakable homage to the hypermodern times we live in. The images weave intricate tales of everyday scenes, creating compelling narratives within each photograph. Luvia Lazo is a Zapotec photographer from Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. Her works aim to capture single views of reality reflective enough of the modern Zapotec woman's perspective. Creating a gallery of images through time and space in Oaxaca she faithfully documents the transformations in culture and identity of the ages. Bogdan Mihai from Romania presents his "Inheritance" series, documenting the fading grandeur of a historic Romanian thermal spa, symbolizing a societal change. Carlos Ocando from Venezuela searches for harmony in urban landscapes, exploring the concept of reflections in his work.

Through their work, each artist offers a distinct perspective on time and space, connecting their subjects and viewers in a contemplative dialogue.

Featured Artwork by Luvia Lazo