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I, RUBY Vol. 1.

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I, Ruby: vol 1. is a collaboration between Houston artist, Jeanne Jones, and RUBY Projects' Megan Olivia Ebel. It will take place at The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Studio #112, and will run from July 1 to July 30.

The exhibition celebrates a diverse group of emerging artists who contribute to the dialogue of change and challenge in the contemporary art world. The works on display have been carefully curated to showcase the unique perspectives and voices of each artist, and to highlight inspiring examples of how art can be used as a force for trying new avenues and stimulating change. Viewers are invited to engage in meaningful conversations and consider new ways of seeing and being in the art world.

I, Ruby: vol 1. captures the expression of RUBY and reflects our past, present, and future exhibitions and interests, a testament to things to come. We all begin in a unique space when we first experience a gallery, an independent artist's open studio, a world-renowned art museum, a street artist painting a 10-story mural, and so on. This is an exciting and novel showcase for RUBY, as it brings in a new generation of creators who use their artworks to challenge the status quo and push for cultural change and representation in the art world.

The exhibition will maintain daily hours from 12-5pm, Wednesday through Sunday and by appointment. We invite you to join us for a thought-provoking showcase that challenges our assumptions, broadens our perspectives, and celebrates the multiplicity of emerging artists.

Featured Artists: Britny Wainright, Christopher Martin, Meghan Rutz, Anthony Akinbola, Komie Le, Sophia van Wyk, Jeanne Jones, and Tamara Santibañez