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Tejas Brewery and Taproom

Food, Beer, Cocktails, Coffee, and great Hospitality!

Tejas Brewery & Taproom
(832) 409-0240

Tejas Beer is an everyday, everyman's beer that drives volume with a nod to Texas' cross-cultural heritage. Tejas Beer was developed with Texas hospitality and the modern multi-cultural spirit in mind. The vibrant and diverse cultural influences reflect the State's rich history and dynamic present. Tejas is designed to be enjoyed again and again.

At Tejas Beer, we take pride in creating an approachable and inclusive craft beer without any pretense. It caters to the most discerning beer enthusiast, yet its attitude is far from exclusive. Rooted in Texas, our Brewing Team is dedicated to crafting a beloved Texas craft brew that is for everyone, for every occasion, and for every taste.

Our Brewery and Taproom in Sawyer Yards is three stories of food, beer, cocktails, coffee, and event spaces with a spectacular view of Downtown Houston!