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Oluseyi Soyege

Metal scrap, wood , Fiberglass , bronze, Acrylic

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 118

INSTAGRAM: oluseyi.ongrounds 

With series of successful exhibitions, Oluseyi Soyege is a professional artist. He focuses on the sensual nature of art, aiming to depict color, texture and symbolism. His works has been housed in institutions such as Museum of Art and several solos. His work has been cited at hotels, schools, cinema and individual homes. Oluseyi Olusegun SOYEGE is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology. Lagos, Nigeria. He started producing sculpted works of art and painting as a student where he joined some his lecturers to create many art works. He also taught in high school, where he took up teaching job and runs an art studio.

My work explores the relationship between synesthesia, most of abstract and scrap materials. Also, it frequently includes dynamic, sweeping brushstrokes of acrylic paint or black ink on canvas that characterize much of my art. It’s often noted that my paintings/sculpted works convey a controlled but dynamic sense of movement. New synergies are generated from both traditional and modern structures. Mistakes or accidents often turn out to be fortuitous and usually remain. Ever since as a teenager, I have been fascinated by unrelenting divergence of the human condition. What starts out as hope soon becomes finessed hegemony of power, leaving only a sense of chaos and the possibility of a real world .As shimmering forms become frozen through boundaries and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the edges of our condition