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Jax Fine Art

Wood Sculpture

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 215
(281) 513-1691

Contemporary Minimalist Sculpture by Jay T. Jax

Jay T. Jax, sculptor and three-dimensional artist in Houston, Texas, studied art and art history from his boy-hood. He spent many weekends as an adolescent sketching the works of the masters in the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York, where there is a larger-than-life size “Mother and Child” wood sculpture by Henry Moore. This piece inspired the principles that have become Jay’s guiding artistic mantra: Line. Form. Elegance. After his military service in the US Army, Jay returned to the United States and eventually settled in Houston where he put away his art and built his commercial printing business, where he has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Press, Inc., since 1980.

Now, after thirty-five plus years of printing two dimensional graphic works on paper, Jay has returned to the study and creation of sculpture that inspired him as a boy.

His sculpture springs directly from his passion for creating beauty in three dimensions. A lifelong study of classical to modern art fuels his artistic vision and guides the process. With wood grain as brush strokes and shaping as form, his work embodies the spirit of impressionism, cubism and a push for simplicity. With each piece, he is striving to inspire and engage the senses with purity of form and line.

In this sense, his work rings true with that of many contemporary minimalist artists who are working to captivate the viewer through simplicity of form. This philosophy for creating is evident in all his work in the graphic arts and sculpture. The quest for beauty in its purest three dimensional form guides his every artistic choice.

This work is made to be experienced in the round and to evoke reactions of visual and tactile joy.